Terms & Conditions


Terms and Conditons - Acclaim ADI Training Course - Download

General Terms and Conditions

1. You must ensure that you read our terms and conditions in full and if any changes need to be agreed ask for these changes to be put in writing to you. Once course fees are paid these terms and conditions will constitute the contract between us.

2. You must ensure that you have read the terms and conditions in full, ask for any changes be put in writing and ask for clarification if necessary. The course

3. By entering this agreement you agree to follow the AADITC structure and terms as specified by aclaimdriving.com. The AADITC consists of a training course, including the following: home study and preparation; reference books; test questions; structured classroom-type and practical, car- based training by an approved trainer.

4. The AADITC will require a significant level of commitment from you. The time to complete the AADITC will vary between individuals and any indication made to you as to how long a course will take is based on the average time taken to complete the course and is not to be relied upon by you as stating how long it will take you in particular to complete the course and pass the examination.

5. Acclaimdriving.com cannot guarantee that having undertaken the course you will pass the DVSA qualifying examination to become a driving instructor.

6. Acclaimdriving.com operates through geographical territories and there are no fixed locations for training and as such training will be conducted from locations nominated by acclaimdriving.com When attending AADITC events, you are to comply with acclaimdriving.com’s “smart casual” minimum dress code.

Fees and Refunds

7. The fee for the AADITC is payable to acclaimdriving and covers training fees only unless examination fees are included as part of a special offer. Any additional or remedial training will be charged accordingly. Fees for DVSA examinations, re-taking of DVSA examinations and DVSA licence fees (where applicable) will have to be paid separately by you.

8. No refund is payable if you fail to complete any stage of the AADITC for any reason outside of the control of acclaimdriving.com.

9. In the event of termination of the AADITC, acclaimdriving will not be obliged to reimburse any training fees, where payment is made in stages.

10. It should be noted that there are no refunds available for any course purchased at a discounted rate. A £150 admin charge is applicable to all refunds.

11. No refunds are payable where a period of 12 months has elapsed since attending the last training event.

Increasing Fees

12. The training fees are subject to review by acclaimdriving.com. Acclaimdriving.com shall reserve the right to pass on any increase in training fees to those students who have not completed the AADITC within twelve months of this agreement

13. If you are unable to attend an AADITC Event and fail to give at least seven working days’ notice you will be liable to pay a cancellation fee of £50 per event.

Changes to this agreement and the course

14. Acclaimdriving.com reserves the right to vary the terms upon which it provides training and other benefits under the AADITC from time to time at its absolute discretion. Participants on the AADITC will be notified of any such changes, which if circumstances permit, will be confirmed in writing by acclaimdriving.com

15. The making of this agreement constitutes acknowledgement by the applicant of acclaimdriving.com’s right to vary the terms of the AADITC at its discretion and to notify the applicant.

Termination of this agreement

16. acclaimdriving.com will automatically terminate this agreement in the event that you are suspected of drinking alcohol and/or are suspected of drug and/or substance abuse during the AADITC, whether it be on the premises of acclaimdriving.com or other external conferencing facilities where training is being conducted.

17. acclaimdriving.com reserves the right to terminate this agreement absolutely in the event of any behaviour on the part of the applicant that acclaimdriving.com deems to be unreasonable or unfitting and that acclaimdriving.com 's word in any such event be final.

Resolving disputes

18. acclaimdriving.com will try and solve any disagreements quickly and efficiently in accordance with the AADITC complaints procedure. Confidentiality & acclaimdriving.com trademark and copyright

19. All information and materials provided to me during the AADITC are confidential and you are to maintain that confidentiality.

20. acclaimdriving.com has exclusive rights to use names, trade or service marks (collectively the “Trade Marks”) and is the owner of copyright in publications and documentation provided to me. You are not to make any commercial use of the Trade Marks without acclaimdriving.com’s prior written approval and in particular, not to advertise any association with acclaimdriving.com in relation to any business carried on by or connected with you, whether by direct use of the Trade Marks or otherwise.

Acclaimdriving.com and the DVSA

21. By entering this agreement you are confirming that you meet the legal requirements, as set out by the Driving & Vehicle Standards Agency, for acceptance onto the Register of Approved Driving Instructors and that their subsequent refusal to accept you, for whatever reason, shall in no way obligate acclaimdriving.com to reimburse any training fees, other than in accordance with the refund schedule.

Acclaimdriving.com and the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB)

22. As part of the application process, acclaimdriving.com, or the DVSA, may apply for a disclosure of information held at the Criminal Records Bureau (“CRB”). This is part of acclaimdriving.com’s ongoing commitment to ensure the safety and welfare of our employees, franchisees and their pupils alike. By signing this form you agree to undertake the CRB disclosure application process. Where acclaimdriving.com applies for a disclosure they reserve the right to pass on the cost of that disclosure to the applicant. In the event of an unsuitable disclosure being received, for whatever reason, acclaimdriving.com will not be obligated to reimburse any training fees, other than in accordance with the refund schedule.

Acclaimdriving.com and the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB)

23. For the purpose of the Data Protection Act 1998, the data controller in relation to the information you supply is: acclaimdriving.com, 15-17 Leicester Road, Narborough, Leicester. LE19 2HL

24. Acclaimdriving.com will share the information you provide, together with other information, with companies within the Aviva plc group of companies. We will disclose your information to our service providers and agents. We may transfer your information outside of the European Economic Area, for example to Asia. We will do this where it is necessary for the conclusion, or performance of a contract between us, or that we enter into at your request, in your interest, or for administrative purposes. We may record telephone calls for staff training and evidential purposes

25. You have the right to ask for a copy of your information (for which we will charge a small fee) and to correct any inaccuracies. Declaration

£1,399 Special Price Terms and Conditions - Download

I understand that in entering into this agreement for a discounted driving instructor training course, that I need to adhere to the conditions in this contract. I also understand that should I fail to meet these conditions I will be responsible for the payment of the training course in full, which will consist of:

£195 for the Part 1 course

£425 for the Part 2 course

£1,100 for the Part 3 course

Total cost of £1,720.00

Terms and Conditions for the Free Training Course

1. All training will be conducted from our Leicester Head office at 15-17 Leicester Road, Narborough, Leicester, LE19 2HL unless otherwise agreed prior to commencement of the training course

2. The training program will consist of a Part 1 home study course, 10 hour Part 2 training course and a 40 hour Part 3 training course

3. All Part 2 & 3 training sessions will be paired where possible.

4. All Part 2 & 3 training sessions are a minimum of 2 hours duration.

5. The full cost of the training course £1399 is paid for upfront. This includes one attempt at each of the DVSA qualification exams and all learning and study materials.

6. On completion of the Part 3 training, I understand that a trainee licence must be taken out and that I need to be contracted to an Acclaim gold franchise for the duration of the licence, or licences. I understand that once I qualify as a driving instructor I need to sign a further 12 months franchise agreement with Acclaim Driving/Ability Driving Academy Limited.

7. The cost of the additional 20 hours training required by the DVSA as a condition of the trainee licence will be included in the initial brand franchise fee until the full amount is paid.

8. All fees are non-refundable.

9. Any cancelled sessions may be subject to a charge, except in exceptional circumstances.

I understand that I need to make myself available to attend the training courses during normal office hours and on the agreed dates with the trainer concerned.