What's Involved?



What's included in my course fees?

Part 1

In the Part 1 course you pay for the training course and study aids for it. You can work at your own pace, with Fast Track Training available. You will also get support from your Tutor via telephone, online or personally.

Your Test

Your test for part 1 involves 100 multiple choice questions as well as a hazard perception test.

Part 2

Part 2 is a 10 hour Driving Course

Your driving will be assessed and your course planned by your tutor; usually in 2 hour sessions leading up to your Part 2 Driving test.

Your Test

You'll begin with a test of your eyesight, followed by show me/ tell me questions and a 1-hour practical test. During this, you'll need to perform manoeuvres and demonstrate a high technical driving standard.


Part 3

Part 3 is a 40 hour Course in car with Classroom time & Study Aids

We help you develop the skills you need to train your pupils the right way. We'll provide you with 40 hours of theory and practical training, including a helpful mock test.

Trainee licence

When you've completed your 40 hours' training, you can apply for a trainee licence and take up a franchise with us to start earning before you've even passed. To help you with this, you will need to complete an extra 20 hours of training.

Your Test

A 1-hour practical test will examine your instructional ability and technique. In role-play scenarios, you'll be asked to teach 2 lessons of differing ability. You'll need to pass both sections in the same sitting. Then you're all done!

How long will it take?

Our standard training period varies from just 3 months right up to a year. This flexible approach offers you the freedom of learning around your other commitments.


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